Thursday, April 6, 2017

happy cake for breakfast

the tradition in our family
is the day after your birthday
if there is any cake left
means "happy cake for breakfast" LOL
one of the nieces when she was little asked
for birthday cake for breakfast that way 
and since then, that is what it is called
so this morning Emily, I had happy cake for breakfast!

remember these tumblers?
yep when I was looking for bobbins for my 221 machine
I found a plastic container of these
I thought they were just tumblers cut
but they were tumblers sewn into rows of 32

this morning for my daily sewing project for an hour
I sewed them up
into this
not too bad so far
hard to believe they all came out of that container though
isnt it? they were all folded up and that is why they are curling a bit
nothing a bit of pressing wont fix
but I am happy with my progress so far
the rest of the rows in that container are all going the same direction so 
I either have to take half of them and take a tumbler off one end
and sew it to the other side...........
make more rows
so that means back to the cutting board as these are all sewn
into rows

progress made on another UFO
how is yours coming along Colette?
are you doing rows of 32?  more?
these are the ones cut from 2 1/2 inch squares
so they are tiny but fun

while I was doing this, Dunkin was worried that his
butt looked too big
see Mom? Does my butt look too big
when I am hanging on to the basket?

silly cat........
oh no is about as big as are ok (snicker)


Julierose said...

Tumblers are so cute--i am thinking of sewing the rest of my 2 1/2"-ers into four patches : yellow/purple; green/pink; multi and ??? no cutting--that rotary work really plays up my left hand/shoulder etc...ugh!! Stay warm...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

got most of my tumblers finished for my other tumble quilt. Daughter-in-law wanted it by Oct. Now she wants it by Christmas said...

My tumblers got put away. Maybe tomorrow some sewing will be done.

Jeanna said...

I love tumblers. These are going to make a nice quilt.