Saturday, April 15, 2017

has anyone made these

this is the cross quilt
I have some 2 1/2 inch squares all grouped
by 5s in a container
I want to do this one as I like the looks of it
but I do not have a design wall
and it will be difficult to keep them in the 
right order

I also want to do this one

and I have it started somewhere out
of blues and greens for a theme
I was thinking I would make it for my bed
and have it professionally quilted

then I saw one like this many years
 and at least 5 years ago I started one
I like this too as if I remember
it was mindless until you got to the 
outer edge
I took a squarish center and added
strips log cabin style on half
until I got to the size
then I sewed wider strips and just trimmed it down
easy peasy

the quilt I saw was laid out like this
but had a wide border that had a vine and applique
I loved it!
once I finish up more UFOs maybe
it will show up to get in line
to be finished

This was interesting too
little triangles form pockets that you insert
sticky notes or those 3x3 papers to make 
a calendar either of to dos
or upcoming appointments etc
I didnt have a pattern
just the idea and I think you could use
charms for it

this is my Pfaff that is in the shop
I miss her............

I feel like I am being watched............
this is what I see as I blog..........

then he scootches as close to me as he can
and puts at least one paw on me
as if to say
stay right here
he is a funny cat for sure

these guys are starting to be cute
I had gotten them on  sale
last year and planted them around Mr Bunny
so so cute


Julierose said...

I tried to make that cross quilt and gave it up--too confusing..those fabrics are now my Dresdens...And the lozenges are so cute...I think i have some started somewhere--i DO have to get myself organized...hugs, Julierose said...

I like the crosses but my mind could never adjust to the fact that I would have to lay it all out and sew one row at a time. Gorgeous hyacinths. Mine bloomed it was an orphan from an earlier time.

barbara woods said...

that cross quilt would sure use up a lot of scraps, I think I need to make one since it have so much scrappy pieces