Tuesday, April 18, 2017

hope you all had a Happy Easter

I got a package
I wasnt even sure there would be mail as it was
Patriots Day 
some places are open, some not
they do the Boston Marathon
well I stopped for the mail
and I got a package!
from my friend JulieRose
she blogs at julierose quilts

a Bonnie Hunter book
and some soft fabric for my baby bibs
how sweet is my JulieRose?
Thanks Julie for a surprise
birthday in the mail
You MADE my Monday!

and also this weekend my neighbors daughter 
came up from PA
and brought me an Easter lily
it is HUGE
and has like 4 plants in there!
and is FULL of buds waiting to flower
it is in my sewing room
because I cant trust the cats with it
(on the upside my room smells heavenly!)

dont mind the mess I had to scooch things in a pile to 
have a spot to put it
I am in the middle of projects that I didnt
want to put away yet
but you can see how HUGE it is
next to my featherweight

and look at all those buds
I will plant it outside later on

when you plant them outside here you will get
flowers on them, just not at Easter time
my Mom used to have one that bloomed around Aug
or Sept

last year the day after Easter I bought a ton of them
like 2.50 each and planted them
I will have a nice little lily row going on
in the garden
Thanks Tara for my Easter gift!


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Pretty flower. What a nice birthday gift. Julierose is awesome.

Julierose said...

So happy you like your (belated!!) gift ;)))
that Lily is awesome--I had a few but the deer demolished them right when they bloomed--dessert, I guess. So for me, it is daffs and mums and marigolds--as they seem to stay clear of those...hugs Julierose

Jeanna said...

You received some very nice gifts. Julierose was very sweet and generous for your birthday.