Saturday, April 22, 2017

I got the sewing girl blues..........

this block was a UFO block
I think because I didnt like the scale of the big
flowers in the yellow fabric
so I played
and cut it on point
hmmmm   not bad  I made it an 8 inch
block so it will go in that slab quilt

then I played with the cutoffs

hmmm  if I add more fabric I can make a pinwheel
and maybe add it to the slab quilt too
I figured I would throw in a few UFO blocks
between the slabs just for fun

then I found this blue block............

and this partial block...........

ok, is this a joke of the sewing fairy?
finish one off and then more appear?
I need to find some projects like
totes or something
to make with UFO blocks
I seem to have ah hem......
accumulated quite a few.......
(don't know HOW that happens!)

whats in your UFO box?

5 comments: said...

I don't have a UFO box. I have a UFO room. LOL

Julierose said...

the UFO's are sneaky that way--they hide until you pull one out and then it's like Pandora's box--they all fly well all of yours are lovely in those blues...they should play well together for sure--hugs Julierose

Charlene S said...

I love the multi-star blocks that connect. I use the UFO blocks for the centers. They don't have to match!

barbara woods said...


barbara woods said...

love all those blues , maybe enough to make a lap quilt