Monday, April 3, 2017


I love tins

be still my heart
I found THIS tin too
from my friend Mr Whitman
cute bunnies
I actually threw out some of the chocolates
I know........I already got scolded
I dont like the caramel ones
so out they went! hey I needed the tin!
There are two cross ones too that I didnt photograph

see how nice my project fits?

and I am getting quite the collection
Russel, Whitman......
all chocolate guys.

the are big enough for most blocks and just to 
contain things in a nice way
my farmgirl blocks are in one of the bunny tins

speaking of farmgirl.............

here is Jacky's pear block...

and her barn block........LOL
but she has been busy with some of the other blocks


how sweet is that chickie?  so sweet the ducks
are checking him out 

and this one........

her latest blocks arranged on her table
see the yellow runner? I did that

and this little chickie just hanging with the ducks

ooops...........bunny hopped on over to check it out too!
As you can see Jacky stages her blocks better than me

she is "upping the ante" LOL
love on the farm.........Easter style

2 comments: said...

Cute blocks Jackie. So you are a good friend of Whitman and Stover huh?

Julierose said...

Such adorable blocks, Jacky..I L O V E that chickie...just so cute...
Itoo am a best pal with Mom loved those soft ones...I like the nutty ones (figures, right??lol)
Hugs and thanks for the show Julierose