Tuesday, April 25, 2017

more garden advantures

this was the front garden last year
right now the daffodils in the back are all in bloom
so pretty in a row of yellow
where this tower was last year I planted the lily
and another on the other side of the black pot
some purple viola in front for some color
later on I will be getting iris in deep purples coming out
the leaves are already there coming up

this ground cover is pretty but is kinda taking over
I want it on the other side
where the tree stump is
so I may be moving some to see if that can happen

this lily is coming up in the back too.
every year the cat next door used to lay in it
so I never got to see my flowers for long
hopefully with the front tree gone
he wont use it as a stakeout for birds

soon I will be getting my mosquito plants for the steps area
love these and they get so HUGE and fragrant
they smell like lemon so fresh and nice
and mosquitos hate them YAY

went looking to see if the hosta made it back again
I dont see it yet
am hoping it did
I want to have hosta inside the ring here

I also planted astilbe but that never came up
last year

right now if you looked at my side garden here
you would see my bunny
with some pink hyacinths behind him
and a lonely red tulip
with some yellow tulips I added
and on the right the hydrangea

see how pretty?

another angle showing the little grape hyacinths

the leaves of the clematis are coming out
and the yellow rose near the flag is
looking better this year too
I gave her a good dose of coffee and banana
last year


Julierose said...

You have some lovely garden plants...I will look for that mosquito plant for our front seating garden area--great idea...with all this rain I'm sure we'll get a bumper crop of skeeters....hugs, Julierose

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Your garden is looking gorgeous.

barbara woods said...

love all your flowers. when we first moved her I planted for several years , not so much now