Saturday, April 1, 2017

my list so far for 2017

I am sew curious
do you make resolutions?
have any of them stuck?
I normally dont make any
but this year I made a list of UFOs
I wanted to make a good effort into 

along the way of course comes things like
Easter that you have to work around
I brought these into work for the guys
and guess what
the basket is BARE LOL
so I used my extra care bucks and
got more candy but wont bring it in
until closer to Easter
dont want to be replacing it every week!

but what goals for 2017 did you set for yourself?
this was my goal......
for 2017 this is the plan............
one week Jackie and I will work on 
a farm girl block

one week I will work on moving along on 
a UFO project

and one week I will try and make gifts for the
gift box

the other week will be for catching up
on any of the above

sounds like a good plan, right?
we will see if I can keep it up

so far the UFO projects have been moving along
and I know I have a ton of those zippy bags cut and ready to go
heres to hoping that 2017 sees the completion of some
long overdue projects

SO  How did I do?
well, so far instead of one FGV  block per month
 I have made a total of ten so far
with two more at the ready and one almost done 
so that is 13 for 3months. not bad

the ufo projects 

made some scrappy mugrugs to clean up

more scraps were sewn into a top

I finished a sewing mat for Jacky
that I had cut out
gotta find my blue one for me

these were cut and then made and given away

this slow project was worked on a little

and another scrappy mug rug came to life

another top in the making to use up red yardage
and squares

a Valentine mugrug for hubs was made

and red scraps put into a new quilt start

Valentine doll quilt made for the granddaughter

blocks were sewn to try and use up
some blue scraps

tree mug rug was made and given to Jacky


and a quilt took some panels out of the stash
and used more of those scrappy blocks

I put candy cane binding on my Christmas runner
for ME

more scraps used to make a baby quilt

bright scraps put into some blocks to play with later

strips used up to make an eyeglass case for hubs

one   ALL THREE of the  Kaffe F asset runners got finished

 and some pee pee tee pees got made

what is that you ask? well, any of you who have
changed a baby boys diaper knows
you may have
uh hmmmmm
gotten a shower if you were
not quick enough to cover him up

so these are made with terry inside
and cotton outside
and when you take the diaper off
and are waiting to get the other one
in place, you plop one of these on 
the baby's boy parts
to avoid getting a shower
I kid you not!
google them!  they go by the name of 
wee wee wig wams
or pee pee tee pees

I found out the gal I am making the star quilt
for is having a boy
so these will go in with her gift.

so I guess for 3 months I havent done too 
at least things keep moving along..........


Julierose said...

You have certainly accomplished an amazig amount of things!! I am a S N A I L in comparison for sure...;))) enjoy the weekend...hugs, Julierose said...

Oh heck I am going to just hang my head in shame and walk away.

barbara woods said...

you have been busy!

Jeanna said...

You have done amazing with your UFO goals. I made a list this year too but I haven't been nearly as productive as you.