Sunday, April 2, 2017

now what

I feel like Phoebe
finding a nice comfy place to lay down and sulk

Dunkin  dont bother to try and get in the sewing room
we cant sew
the machine froze up and I cant
figure out why
the needle wont even move up and
down so I am sure inside
something is wrong
and I dont take machines apart myself
because I dont want those 
"extra parts" when I put it back
together again

I feel like the Grinch was here.
taking away my sewing fun..........

so because it is rainy and raw
I will stay cozy by the fire

and get some rest

with my two pals

its ok Dunks you dont have to try and make me smile
it will be a while cause I will have to bring
the machine in and hope he can fix it

meanwhile these are a temptation
dont you eat junk too when stressed?

anyone want to run away with me?

5 comments: said...

Awe new machine or old machine? You need an old pre 60's machine. No electronics. just a straight stitch maybe a reverse. Easy to fix, not a whole lot goes wrong with them. Unless Dunkin is secret sewing at night when you are not aware and messed up your machine.

Julierose said...

I'm packed (just in case hahaha)...Helga says "Get movin', machine--no layin' down on the job (she has a Swedish accent you know!)" So sorry to hear that...wish you lived closer you could use my old Pfaff...
This is definitely a junk food emergency...
hugs, Julierose

Charlene S said...

I'm also packed! So where do we meet? As for machines, I have plenty of pre-1960 to loan. I just don't have a place to sew since my studio has been down since August due to a ceiling leak and mold. So pick the place.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is why I have a cheapy back up machine. When the big guns are down and need service, I pull my little Brother out to handle things while they are gone. It is my sit and sew machine too, because it weighs so little it is easier to travel with.

barbara woods said...

we took the bottom off my featherweight when it did like that and their was a tiny string around something took, it out put the bottom back on and she sewed like a top