Thursday, April 6, 2017

Oh boy I am in trouble

I need to find these small tumblers again
I feel a cleaning spree coming on
I want to say I have some that are sewn into
rows of 32
I need to put them together and see how far I have

and this little pretty
not even sure if I still
have it
just needs quilting

this guy needs a back and quilting.........

this one needs a ton more little 9 patches done
but I love the look and should get going on it 

anyone ever do one of these a ton of years ago?
you take a print fabric
and cut 4 blocks out from the identical part of the print
and then rearrange them
into different 4 patches
they are so cool
I am not sure what stalled this one
I am thinking I was running out of fabric
and was looking for matches of the green or red
as a solid to frame them
I dont have any solids in my stash.......
(hmmmm   an excuse to enhance the stash?)

this was the lozenge quilt that everyone was doing
I had the "bright" idea (term said loosely)
that I was going to use the same limey green
in each of the corners
but I think I didnt have enough yardage
so need a plan B
so I can finish cutting and sewing
this one would look good on MY bed

and the large tumblers went a tumbling somewhere too
that is why I need to empty some bins

so I can refill them with fresh "new" UFO