Wednesday, April 5, 2017


sooooooooo--oo--eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!  LOL
yep thats how we call the pigs on the farm
and it works!
Piggy and Squiggy got lost in the white snow
of the blizzard of "78" (true story)
and we had to call them to see where
their pen was
they answered back to us and we
followed the sound to dig them out!
you see, Piggy and Squiggy
 were both white pigs
so seeing them in the snow was impossible

so I just called out soooo-------eeeeeeyyyyyy again
and lookie who I found near the red maple

both of the little rascals!

get back in that barn with the cow and the chickens
you little buggers!

so today so far, (it is only 5:30 am)
I packed up my Pfaff to go to the hospital-
got some packages ready to mail....
made a to do list (hey isnt this supposed to be a day OFF?) LOL

found my 221 and set her up
(she only has one bobbin  boo hoo)
threaded her and took her for a test run

she purred like a kitten........
so I made my little red maple
and my two piggy blocks
for my farmgirl vintage quilt

these are all 6.5 inch so far.
I am debating whether or not to make mama
hen in a large size 
as I am thinking I may want a row of a couple hens and bunches 
of chickies on my quilt
we will see as I get further along

so far this birthday is better than 
birthday cake! 
in our family as a child.... we had 5 of us kids
I was the oldest and had 3 brothers and a sister
not sure how the tradition got started but
on your birthday, before you were out of bed usually
the others would try to sneak up on you
and put butter on your nose.
You certainly remembered when THEIR 
birthday was I can tell ya! LOL
just a fun little thing that made memories
for us on the farm..........

(put down that land o lakes!)

from left to right........
Jody brother 4th child
me choking my sister Lisa  she is 3rd child
my Dad in back
My baby brother Jamie in gray
and my brother Chuck who is 
Alicias dad (my sewing buddy)
he is 2nd child
and was in pain in this pic
worked for water dept and
when they had a water break the
hole caved in around him 
and messed up his back.
he is lucky he wasn't buried alive....

my hubs photobombed us in the back LOL
 this was taken around 2009-2010
so there you have it......
the farm animals


Julierose said...

Enjoy your day...hugs, Julierose said...

Happy Birthday. Cute pigs and maple leaf.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Happy Birthday! Many blessing to you! 🎶🎶🎶🎶

barbara woods said...

Happy birthday sweetie, lots of hugs

Jeanna said...

What a fun story. Your farm blocks are looking nice!