Wednesday, April 12, 2017

storage and organization

see this square container
got it at the dollar store
got a lot of them actually to store my fabrics in
and they fit nicely on my bookshelf
this one was extra and has my tumblers in it
the bottom is the partially sewn quilt
the tin has the tumblers cut
and the other container has strips
sewn that need to be added

see? I replenished the tumblers after a sewing session
but cut about enough to fill it halfway
once my arm started hurting
I switched it up and sewed some more strips

these longer and shallower ones
I got too and they each hold UFO
(no wiseguys I do not have 50 million of them- not all 
my UFOs have a bin yet- only the ones scheduled for
some playtime) LOL
I have them stacked at the top of my bookshelf

see? these are the other ones in the bookshelf
each loaded kinda by color
it has made a world of difference
in how much I am getting done this year
who knew what an impact $20 investment
could make?
I also can see where the holes in my stash are
I just sort by color
not by kinds or novelties etc
my Christmas fabrics are in the
red and green bins and I am ok with that
if they are slated for a project they are
in another bin waiting to be played with
that way I dont use up fabric I needed for the project

and this little guy
will be able to go outside soon
and be planted with
something fun

how do you organize your stash?

4 comments: said...

Organization? ROFL I don't need no stinkin organization. LOL OK I was kind of at one time. Now? Not so much.

Jeanna said...

Love those bins. My stash is separated by color either wrapped on comic boards or folded in little bins.

Julierose said...

Seeing your post on organization makes me KNOW that I need to re-organize my stuff--quilting, embroidery, beading, scrapbooking--yikes what a jumbled mess...bins are what i have to get--NOT more of anything else i think Hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I just separate my Christmas from all the other. Not much for organization.