Monday, April 24, 2017

the weekend

was a busy busy weekend here
no sewing or sewing room fun........

took my car into garage Sat for oil change and to fix noise and a recall
went in at 8;30   LEFT AT 1;30
oh man!  almost $700 later..........

good thing while I was there I had some knitting to do!
I finished a blue dishcloth and started two more!

came home, ate lunch and was off again
for groceries
back around 4
then out again to get some birdseed that was on sale

the other thing I did was plant my
new plants outside on Sunday
it may be a little early but they will
come up again next year
I planted my huge Easter Lily in
the front
it was actually 3 plants!

also put the purple viola in front
wont that be pretty next Spring with
purple viola and yellow daffodils?

Viola Penny Denim Jump Up F1

then in the side garden I planted yellow tulips
and a hydrangea
so so pretty

Image result for yellow tulips

I looked at my lilac and in a week or so 
they should be in bloom
yay! LOVE lilac

then I saw the birds landing on my
red maple looking for food
I stopped planted for a bit and
got out my feeders and food
that I had just bought on Sat
and I was gifted with the sight of these
little pretties
so so cute

1 Qt Nyjer Forever Feeder

I have a feeling my allowance
will be going to the birds this year! 
but they are so cute and need to eat too

how was your weekend?

3 comments: said...

You accomplished a lot this weekend. Love your birdies.

Julierose said...

Mostly waiting for my hubby to be sprung from hospital...home now and feeling a lot better...
hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I have a Easter lily to , with plate sized blooms later in the spring. I feed birdies to with a hummingbird feeder and a sock full of seeds for those yellow fenches. Great mind!