Friday, April 14, 2017

time flies

this is a picture of one of my nieces
who is now a Mom of a sweet boy
she just bought a house

no not this one. this is mine in the snow this past
they bought a fixer upper and are gutting it
and getting it to be the way they want it

I want to make a nice house warming gift for her
but am not sure what I can put in it
it may take awhile for it to be ready for them
to live in
should I make some dishcloths?
and pair it up with some spices and things to stock her

should I get some bulbs for her to 
decorate the garden outside?

here is HER little one when he turned 3
I made him the money cake and he LOVED it
thats his Dad behind him and his 
Grandmother clapping 

here he is now
all grown up at 5
such a cutie pie

he is the recipient of the basketball Easter basket
doesnt seem possible that the little
girl in the top picture is already
a Mommy with a new house and 
beginning a life of her own.........

I now feel old......LOL


Julierose said...

Oh you are just aged like fine wine lol Time does fly for sure...Steven is due home tonight from his trip--will be glad when he lands back in the USA....hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Nice looking family. You have some nice gift ideas. I'm sure whatever you decide will be something they love. said...

I know I keep wondering how everyone got so old. Then I realize I am their same age. :/

barbara woods said...

wait till you have greatgrands