Wednesday, April 5, 2017

unfinished things

this has not been fixed yet.
I think we will do the shed first
that way if I need to pack 
up some of my sewing room for this project
I can
we need the wall between bathroom and sewing room 
to be knocked down and redone
do you know what they will do to my stuff? 
yeah........not pretty......
so contemplating what to do

these boxes did get sent out
some boxes and some padded envelopes
coming soon  to a farmgirl near YOU

this has gone thankfully
but it is still cold here and windy and wet
better than snow

this guy still likes his fav spot in my sewing room
he wakes me up, eats one bite for breakfast
then cries to get in this room to do this
and nap.........LOL
silly boy.......
at least he is smart enough to find a comfy spot
near the heat vent!

and these are starting to show more color
they look like they are pink
I remember buying them off season on sale and planting
them around my bunny
I will watch them for a pretty picture all in bloom
hopefully soon

gotta redo my goals for April
now that my farmgirl blocks are basically caught up 
(still have blueberry to finish)

so April goals
call shed guy- get quote and approval from park
and go ahead with that

get more of deer quilt sewn

get baby quilt of stars done
with some bibs and burp cloths so that is ready to go

gonna keep it simple
you know that saying?
keep it simple stupid (or silly if you are politically correct)

lets see how many of these goals I can stick to
without scurrying here and there with other projects LOL


Julierose said...

Kitty really has the right idea--cold, windswept rain here..brrr--went to Big Y to shop and nearly got blown outta their parking lot--(it's right near the river) back home; cuppa tea; resting left shoulder and hand...maybe make a few DP centers....hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

working on a QAUG t-shirt quilt today, hope to get closer to a finish on something said...

i must live vicariously through you regarding getting anything accomplished.