Tuesday, April 11, 2017

wascally wabbit!

I thought I was so careful LOL
I wanted to play in my room this morning
so I grabbed some white strips leftover
and 2 pink 3 1/2 inch squares
and I decided for the season I 
would make a bunny mugrug

as  you can see I messed up one ear
and because you cut it off I could not fix it
so I turned it upside down LOL
not as noticeable but oh well............
I still think she is cute
and I will put some details on her later
I was  trying to quilt her up and ran out of
my bobbin

yeah.........the 221 has ONE bobbin.........ggggggrrrrrrr
but another cute little project 
almost done
if you want to make one
this is what I did:
take 2 3 1/2 inch squares
cut one in half for the ears
for the background I sort of "winged it"
I had 2 1/2 inch strips that I used
to make the head I took 4 squares 1 1/2 inches
and sewed them to the 4 corners sewing on the center line and trimming them off
then for the ears I did the same only on 3 sides each 
(and dont do what I did- the bottom ones should be opposite sides DUH)
then I added a piece in the center about 1 inch wide x 3 1/2
to separate the ears
sew the ears to the head
then I did a sew and flip method onto a 
piece of batting

I think she needs eyes
and a nose and maybe some teeth for details
dont you?

a wascally wabbit winged project for you
for Easter! LOL

Are you playing in YOUR scrap bin?


Jeanna said...

Maybe you could applique' a bow to cover the 'bad' ear or maybe a cute button? It won't be noticeable to anyone else anyway. Cute rabbits!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

I like the idea of Jeanna. Your bunny is cute though.