Friday, May 19, 2017

am I the only one?

am I the only one who flits from
project to project

oh how I wish sometimes I could
just stick to one thing
until it is done

them if you will......

ah hem........
but nope
typical Aries person 
that I am
I get easily bored........
so I flit
whatever you want to call it
and make a TON
of UFO projects
I really need to get back to this baby quilt
I had bought some cute little outfits
on sale to go with the quilt
and the two bibs I had planned
and of course the pee pee tee pees hee hee

was gonna make this bib to kind of match the quilt
so this is the only bib left to do
gotta get crackin.......

these guys I think I sewed together
but cant remember
isnt that awful?

this was another day I tried to play in the
"parts department"
to see if I had parts for a 
kitchen sink quilt
and I am sure I do
I am seeing maybe a red and blue theme
going on
the purple and pink blocks are now another
project for granddaughter
I think the red and blue ducks
on the left are in different stages
so if I make those blocks
bigger and around the same size
I think that would be a start
but I really need to focus

yeah these joined those blocks as well

this was another clean up start......with reds and lights
to use up scrap batt in 5 inch sizes
why 5 inch you say?
because I am doing QAYG as I add
the strips and I can use up those
5 inch  wayward charms on the back
pretty slick eh? hee hee

but yeah this guy is calling
looking at me
taunting me
visiting me in my dreams
so I have to find the black
strips and cut them up and get the center put 
the hard work is all done. DUH
but the black I thought was the one I used
was not
it was lighter ughhhhhhhhh
so she was stalled......

these guys are so fun to play with
love string quilts
I may have to copy Julies
blue one and make stars out of these in the
final layout
we will see
I like them all!

this was started for fun
and stalled too
because I love Pat Sloan
but not the different size blocks
too much to make my head hurt lol
so I have six of these to deal with too

somewhere I think I even have these cut out 
to sew up 
for the Christmas box.
these are 1 inch squares I think
what  a cute mug rug
or table runner
or place mat
or holiday potholder

and I have not added ONE THING to 
my Christmas box.......

ut oh........
5 months into the year I had better
crack that whip and get some things off 
my back and DONE DONE DONE

what are YOU making?

5 comments: said...

Um no you are the only one. ROFL I have feline intervention lately to keep me on track. So many fun starts though.

Julierose said...

You are not alone for sure!! I flit around, but keep one big project going at the same time...
hugs, Julierose

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I know you are not the only one because I hear about it at work. Personally, I can't do that. Now, I am easily distracted, so don't hear that I don't sidetracked by shines objects. I do, all the time! When it comes to quilting, however, I tend to have one going at a time. I may have 5 or 6 tops waiting to be quilted and I need to play catch up in that department frequently. I find it interesting how we are all so different. I can not work in a messy sewing room. It's always clean. I see others who can not work in a clean sewing room. Funny, isn't it? =)

barbara woods said...

lots of Christmas present in the making! maybe you will finish before Christmas!

Jeanna said...

I wish I could say that I don't flit from project to project...sadly, I'm right there with you.