Monday, May 1, 2017

do you cut up blocks and play?

do you cut up blocks and play?
I had this block I didnt like
I love the colors
but not the large scale of the pattern
in this design
so it was a UFO block
for a very long time
until recently I cut it up a little
I put it on point and made
an 8 inch block out of it
for my slab quilt

see?   didnt like it any better but it is 
all sewn up so why waste it?
into the slab row quilt you go

and I have cutoffs to play with 
yeah they are pretty big

and this may be another block
that I sew and cut down to 8 inches

we will see
love playing in the stash

that was only a few minutes worth of work
I grabbed one of my strip bins that was overflowing
and went to work stitching
log cabin kinda style until I got
some pieces longer than 8x8

cut it into 8 inch block and sewed some moe

easy   made two more

and two more
power sewing is so much fun

so this morning before work I added 6 blocks to the 8inch slab quilt
better get ready for work now!

are you having fun in your stash?

4 comments: said...

Poor orphan block. I think after its makeover it is much nicer. Yeah I need some time to just sit and sew.

Julierose said...

Sometimes I whack off a part of a block (like for my Farm Girl blocks, but mostly I just stuff them into the "Drawer of Shame"...where they
whisper behind my back! LOL hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I have lots that I intend to may a kitchen sink quilt out off one day

Jeanna said...

Wow! You accomplished so much this morning. Lovely blocks.