Friday, May 26, 2017

do you have a fav snack?

my good friend Jacky introduced me to these
yeah.......has anyone tried them.
chocolate flavor in a thin cookie type snack
I could eat the whole bag
see the 2 / 5.00? yeah I dont buy two
that would be double on my hips

and I got these too
a HUGE bottle of pickles
I love pickles
(not THAT much) 
but my brother can make me a 
squirrel feeder out of these and some wood
my other one is at my sisters house
so I need  a new one
hint hint
maybe I can get it for Christmas???
after all he is retired now.......ha ha

and I found this little treasure too
with fabrics

gotta gather up all these little kits and keep them
handy for a rainy day
what are you up to?

my hydrangea turned a darker blue
love it

anyone know if this is a plant
or weed?  it is coming up between my
yellow rose branches
but has buds like it is going to flower
the leaves almost look to me like a marigold
but it is taller than my rosebush
it stands about 20 inches tall

funny I have not weeded the gardens yet
just pulled a few here and there
and on the front and the side there were interesting
plants growing so I left them
turns out they are milkweed LOL
so I pulled them up

any plans for Memorial Day?

2 comments: said...

I avoid snacks. But I don't eat much either. Oh no you pulled up the milkweed? That is the monarch butterfly's favorite. Where they lay their eggs for their future generation. IDK your one plant kind of looks like a poppy. but it sure doesn't look like mine.

Julierose said...

My favorite snack is Cape Cod Chips--i am a potato chip fan for sure!! Of course, then there's always chocs, hmmmm
I don't know what that plant is...hugs, Julierose