Sunday, May 7, 2017

gardening on the farm

Does this look like the other block I said
we were making?

for those of you who want a fast block

even at 6 inches


I cut it out and sewed her up
in no time
she needs pressing and trimming but 
into the farmgirl box she goes

getting there...........

these are my blocks so far
minus this one.
she's a bit camera shy......
after all she was just born LOL

how is your farmgirl quilt coming?
I see I only have one with blue background
so may need to do a few more
so the cow doesn't stick out

I need to get some pics of Jackys blocks
she is such a showoff making TWO of
each of them
her plan is to make potholders out of them
for cute gifts

great idea!

these are Jackys blocks

pear  barn and star

egg basket   postage stamp and maple leaf

not sure the name but see? she made two
showoff! LOL
she is making potholder sets out of hers
notice the kitties? yeah 
that was the "tin obsession we both had in April"

and she is using up her scraps too
making long scrappy strips

see how cute?

and more of them

and she even made a bookmark of scraps

for my farm I need........
school bus
maybe try and make a pepper block
or a bean block
thats what we picked on our farm 
to bring to market
gourds too

hmmm  I may need to make my own
I am having trouble finding
them online......
yeah rhubarb would be cool too.......

My quilt I am thinking will have a border
of the blue gingham blocks to frame it
not sure if I want the 6 inch or 12 inch size yet

5th month and 19 blocks in 
not too bad!  my goal was 2 a month
so almost doubled that.......
thats because it is MUCH more fun
making this quilt with friends like you.......

anyone seen any blocks of the above that
I can use in my quilt?
I am doing the 6 inch size but
may be able to resize them..........

I am getting very friendly with
some graph paper
just sayin,,,,,,,,,,

4 comments: said...

Your farm girl blocks are coming along. I have seen the bee, a raccoon (SewFreshQuilts) I think she may have a skunk too, I can't remember. I know there are some paperpieced ones out there too.

Julierose said...

Gosh what lovely blocks both of you gals have made--I think you may have to paper piece those other animals--unless you can find fabric with some on there and let the fabric do the work hahaha always my favorite method..I'll check out my stash and see if I have any "animales" hiding out there...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

I have seen the bee and have seen some dogs , need those on your farm

Jeanna said...

All of the farm girl blocks look great. I'm so happy to be part of this sew along. We are getting a lot blocks sewn.