Saturday, May 6, 2017

I cant see my birds

just a week ago this is what my tree looked like
the leaves were still just coming out
and I had a fabulous view of the birdies

the one cardinal and bluejay and especially
this little sweetie
the yellow finch

in one week the little buggars ate THE WHOLE
that is how many of the yellow finches
were out there!
I loved looking at them 
while I was doing the dishes

then this happened
the leaves are out and covering my view
(see the shadow?)

but I see the hosta so that is good

but Jacky lookie!!!!!

soon we will be rhubarbing
I will ask my brother how they are doing

unless we want to take a roadtrip
on a weekend when they will be in Maine
hee hee

is there a law against rhubarb theft?
I dont think so if you 
return it to the owner in the form
of strawberry rhubarb jam

it is raining cats and dogs and elephants today
and suppose to be this way all weekend
I think the rhubarb will have to wait


Julierose said...

Ohhh what great rhubarb crop--yummy! I like it plain with dollops of sugar on top--sweet and tart...
cute yellow birdie ("Yellow bird, up high in banana tree...yellow bird, you sit all alone like meeee...."--file under songs for all occasions...) Hoping for some sunshine yellow weekend...hugs, Julierose P.S. now that will be waltzing through my brain all day...;0000

barbara woods said...

my sock didn't last long either and I watch them at the kitchen sink said...

My rhubarb grew huge and flowered already. I had a little bluebird the other day clinging to the side of a tree out of the rain and wind. Made me smile.