Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I swear they multiply in the night

after all that power sewing
this is the container
STILL overflowing
so what is a gal to do?
well I went thru it and picked out some
pieces that were around the same size
laid them out in an order I liked.......

and sewed them
coin style
I am thinking this may be the start of
a zippy bag or something

for now it will just mull a little
as you can see it s tiny
so more green at top and bottom may be in order?

this is how I "slab"
I grab some pieces of fabrics
(I am bad I dont even iron them as you can see)
then I sew and chop off the excess
if it is tiny it goes in the trash
if it is bigger I save it for the next slab

this yellow was a small piece of leftover binding
that is why it is folded
but it will make a wider section

I just sew whichever way I want
to get to a size larger than 8 inches

see? the small pieces being chain pieced.......
that helps me power sew
and it is so relaxing
not a thought except what piece can I grab next

another session should tame this little bin so I can store my scraps again.

these pieces of "fabric' that I make
can be used in so many ways

I make slab blocks for a quilt
you can make zippy bags
tote bags

eyeglass cases
kleenex covers
whatever you use fabric in
you can make with it

and if you do a more controlled
scrappy like I did at the top
with the coins you can make a "set" of things
using the same color scheme

great little bags and accessories
and great little gifts

what are YOU saving out of the landfill?

5 comments: said...

I told you do not shut the light off in that room. They are more apt to multiply. I make tumblers, and anything smaller gets made into 1 1/2 inch squares, strips or hexies.

Julierose said...

Fun sewing for sure; I make my slabs by sewing 2-sies then 4-sies etc...I have long strings of them on a hanger in my closet...time to get them together...maybe some new placemats...hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

going to have to start slab sewing , I see that right now

Charlene S said...

You make slab sewing interesting. I may have to start.

Jeanna said...

Thanks for the 'slab' lesson. That's a quick way to use up scraps.