Thursday, May 11, 2017

interesting fact

interesting fact:
when you are making a slab quilt
and you get toward the end of the scrap 
the block will have tiny interesting parts
especially when cut at just 8 inches square

see? little slivers of color
into the slab box you go my pretty
so far I think I have enough blocks
for almost 5 rows
I figured about 8 rows total should do it
loose math..........
6 blocks in a row 8"  is about 45 inches wide
8 rows down  about 60 long
slap yo mama
I mean slap on a border
and a lap size quilt right?

believe it or not I emptied that little
container of parts so now what to do........

I had the mixer and plug and beater cut out
so proceeded to cut the background out
and then wanted to sew it up

love my little mixer
I made the background a bluish fabric
so that my cow with the blue background
wont stick out too much

can you tell I am not working on the deer?
or the garden block?
BUT I DID do FOUR blocks this month

the mixer
the postage stamp
the leaf
and the egg basket

my farm is doing very well in MAY LOL


Julierose said...

Your farm is in good shape--love that mixer--so cute!
I love when tiny pieces peek out of the slabs, too...hugs, Julierose said...

Your mixer turned out so cute. So great to use up tiny pieces of fabric though.

barbara woods said...

I just love our mixers , makes such a cute block

Jeanna said...

The mixer is so cute. My Farm Girl blocks are finished too. Just need to photograph them :)