Tuesday, May 16, 2017

looking and looking..........

found a beachy panel that I thought
maybe my winter solstice blocks
would make a nice border for

nope  panel has more turquoise and some
these are too dark and "white"
so into the bucket to play another day

as I look back these fabrics may go better
with the addition of some sandy 
colored ones

so then looked at blocks........

naw  too much to think about.......
wanted a quick mindless sewing project

so proceeded to clean a little and threw out some stuff
not much but hey it is a start right?

remember my tin obsession in April?
well my friend Jacky lost hers
the one that looks like this
so if you see it in your travels
let me know so I can tell her ok?
hee hee
arent they the cutest darned things?
love these tins for my blocks

this little guy must have run off with the bunnies
no sign of him yet again


was wondering about some of my block pieces like this
what if.........

what if I mounted it on a blue background square
and made it the center motif of a tote?
so you think I would need a matchy one on the other side?
would it be ok to have just one side a block
and the other side fabric?

what would you do?

what do YOU make with your UFO blocks that you 
dont want to go to waste?

not much sewing got done this am.......
just pondering........


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

A block by itself would be fine on a bag. Make the other one with an outside pocket, maybe with a tiny block? My orphans are hiding upstairs.

barbara woods said...

I keep thinking about making a quilt with mine, I have so many