Friday, May 12, 2017

moving along those UFOs

a UFO flimsy!  whoot whoot
this started as 3 1/2 inch squares from
cleaning up
I then played one day and pulled 
"low volume kinda" squares and sewed them 
into rows

I sewed the rows into a top and am calling it done

at least for now
its funny how calming these colors
are after working with brights

anywho at chez Lacombe the quilts have
to undergo a strict testing
first there is the catscan......

then the softness test......

scrunch test............

how it feels as a quilt test........

and of course those stitches have to be looked
at for quality control........

this one passed with flying colors!

into the flimsy box she goes
and I will decide at a later date to border or not

feels good to make some progress with these


Julierose said...

You have a cute cat inspector!! LOL hugs, Nice piece Julierose said...

Your inspector is pretty thorough.

barbara woods said...

Cute kittle

Lisa Boyer said...

Inspector Dunkin is adorable! He knows a lovely quilt when he sees one.

Jeanna said...

You are making some very nice progress on your UFOs. I love the quality control you have going there...LOL.