Saturday, May 13, 2017

old lacom- be had a farm e i e i o.........

LOL and on her farm she had a mixer
with a cookie here
and pancake there
here a bowl
there a bowl
everywhere a bowl bowl.........

LOL  are you singing along with me?
that is because it is EARLY in the month
and I have already make FOUR 
additional blocks
(can I get a whoot whoot?)
yeeeeeee haaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!

anywho this is how my "farm"
looks now........

so so purty.......cant wait to add the details 
to the chicks and cow and piggies

but I am very happy so far 
with my farm

my mixer is a dark navy with pink roses
and a pink stripe
you cant see  it very well.

maybe in the first picture you can tell better

I am happy so far the way it looks
(did  you notice I did not do the
garden block yet?)
cause being the person I am
I wanted to redo the pattern
to be flip and sew
instead of the templates

but that requires WORK
so it will have to wait a bit

my quilt inspector was at it again
I think the quilt police sent him
little booger.......he LOVES to pick
apart my blocks

and look at them up close
inspecting every thread

but old Lacombe
is a happy farmgirl so far.......

hows YOUR farm coming?

4 comments: said...

Your blocks are looking gorgeous.

Julierose said...

Oh this piece is looking so beautiful--I love it...
("I'm an old farmhand, on the Rio Grande.." dah dah dah daaaaah...LOL) Are we having a song-a-thon?? hugs,Julierose ;))))

barbara woods said...

mine is full quilt size but I want queen size

Lady Jane said...

whoot, whoot..... lol... Really cool blocks. Hugs, lJ