Wednesday, May 3, 2017

sugar bugga wooga

I got too big for my britches
and thought
I will make my egg basket

and in sewing the trim part
I sewed it the wrong way...........

done for today........

guess I better not play with sharp tools

I was saying bad words too
so had to go to confession before work!

so I grabbed another project to see if I would have
better luck
yep the fans that I found
may as well finish up the last one that I need right?

look how many were already sewn into 5s
oh my
at least the pattern and everything was
put together in the one bag right?

so it was quick work for a couple of 3 inch
seams to get this last one done

but I found this  blue fabric
in the lighter color
oh no.......
which do you like better?
the light? dark? both?
I am thinking maybe the dark
with the light center circles
and maybe light sashing?

opinions please........

so before my "sewing hour" ran out
I grabbed my slab quilt
and sewed those blocks into the row
I now have 2 rows and 1 block shy of row 3
not too bad.........

but now I cant find the blue and yellow block I trimmed down.
I give up! LOL

ok, which one of you took it?????

have a great sewing day!

6 comments: said...

Oops not like I have any room to comment I don't sew in the morning until I have breakfast and at least 2 cups of coffee in. Glad you found your dresdes. I like the dark.

Julierose said...

I like the dark, too--maybe with light blue centers...I don't sew before my coffee(S) and breakfast either..brain still asleep...hugs, Julierose

Charlene S said...

Piecing before coffee- Mai, dat's cra-cra!

Jeanna said...
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Jeanna said...

Haha. You made the most of our sewing time this morning. I like the dark background best. I dove in and cut out my postage stamp block last night and pieced it together this morning...while sipping my coffee. I have one little crinkle which I decided I can live with.

barbara woods said...

You got a lot done for just a little time. I like the dark to