Friday, June 30, 2017


Oh my
I really should NOT have a computer
you see
there is so much fun inspiration out there
gets me
look how fun these are!

and so so purty
this one looks easy with a flap

this one uses those strings
and more fabric
and is adorable with a bow

and THIS I need for my couch
I will have to tell my niece

and be still my heart
my daughter would LOVE
for  Christmas
I need to scour the thrift shops
for some jeans
or maybe my closet
(for those that dont fit)
yeah the ones that are too big LOL (NOT)
love the detail the waistbands make

or this one
too too fun
looks like they took off the belt
loops and reattached
for this design

and of course this one
that I already made my blocks bigger
can I follow directions?
um nope

but I am having fun and 
bags just may be the gift this year

then if time and money allows
I can fill the bags.
a win win right?
are you making gifts?
if so what are you making?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

new parts

new parts for my bag

I am SUPPOSED to be finishing up UFOs 
this year

but I couldnt resist

and then saw this cutie idea
wonder if I could "hang all my UFO
blocks" in a quilt like this
and call it
hanging in shame........LOL

I can see slabs, coins, and many other
types of blocks done this way
cute cute
and certainly could use another color
background too

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

playing in the parts bin

ever go in your sewing room
but dont know what you want to work on?
that was the kind of day so I pulled the
bin with all the parts blocks
you know the ones you made and you dont know
and I pulled my strip bag to see what I could make

this flying geese piece was calling me 
so I added the coin strips to each side
and 2 strips of 2 1/2
hmmm I like it
then I took those little
9 patches that I had made
just because JulieRose and sent me the turquoise one
on the left and it was so darned cute

and added more coins and pieces

until I was happy with the general size

I am going to layer this and quilt it up
to make myself a sewing machine cover
with ties at the sides
I like it very much
and Julie a part of YOU
 is in here too

look at those old fabrics
like old friends.........
what are you making today?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

got scraps?

I was looking for a cute bag pattern
 and online found this one

it is called Clermont Farms quilted bag
and was found on Moda

it uses 1 yard of a lining
1 yd batting
and 1 jelly roll  
(or scraps that we all have)

I love the scrappy look and I may need to make one
just sayin.........

it looks simple enough once you get the parts done
it is basically sewing together 2 1/2 strips
leave some in strips
and make the others into checkerboard
if you are doing scrappy you just need 18  
four patches   to make the checks front and back
and the sides are strips
the inside and straps are of yardage

they pieced the parts
quilted them
trimmed them
and then sewed into a bag

maybe we should make some bags together!
finished bag is 13cx13x7 deep
nice for traveling to the grocery store with
or carrying some projects in to soccer games
or packing for a grandchild for an overnight bag

many possibilities and you can make different sizes by adding
or subtracting
a very useful way to use some "too pretty to throw away"
heck you can even piece the inside batting if you want
I do it all the time for projects like this........

scrap play

love mugrugs
gave one to my niece for her desk on her new job
her boss saw it and liked it
so she said her boss has a dog
found the paws in my stash
and the spotted fabric that looks like fur
and voila
a mug rug was born
well it just needs binding

played with the circles on the selvages
and the hot pink binding

pink backing and voila
this one is done

more time on the clock so grabbed some blues
and went "slabbing" LOL

sewed some blue binding together for a scrappy binding
another one done

reached in the scraps again
and out came the deer peeking at me
so grabbed some fabs in Fall
colors and made this one that just needs binding

a productive morning so far

Monday, June 26, 2017

beautifying the yard....

got a 2 hanger Shepard's hook
and a beautiful petunia hanger in reds and purples
to attract hummers
and my hummer feeder next to it

I have not seen any yet but
they may be coming during the day when I am at work

but lookie who I DID see  

I guess I dropped some seed
this little guy must have found them  LOL


this is the bottom of my scrap food chain
the bits for slabbing
when I cut down my scraps
the little strings and strips
go in here along with odd
triangles and rectangles and squares etc
in hopes that they will become
something someday

this is my stash of extra pieces of binding
I am envisioning a scrappy quilt
with a scrappy binding
fun eh?
it is funny how those little pieces are enough
for little projects like mugrugs

heck I even ironed one back open and cut out
some tumblers!

and look Jacky!

I may need to come over to visit
your sewing room
(steal some trash fabrics)
er I mean bring you some dessert or something fun LOL

my purples and pinks

deciding how to put these together
for a fun quilt 
for my granddaughter

would you butt them up against each other
or separate them with sash of white
or black or gray or something?
I think I have about 34  35 blocks
they are around 9 inches and need to be trimmed
so will probably finish at around 8 in the quilt

running out of bobbins that are full
need to refill them I guess
and keep on sewing........
dont cha love my purty scissors? 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

selvages are fun

I am having fun playing in the selvages
and this was made with all the colored circles...........
how fun is this?

this mug rug was made with some white ones
for a clean looking image

and this will make TWO mugrugs
as they were longer and fun
look at the fun birds

do you use YOUR selvages?

I would LOVE to make myself a selvage tote bag.
wouldnt that be fun?

Saturday, June 24, 2017

farm girl update...........

this is where I still stand
with my farmgirl
in the same place as last month
I have not done one of the blocks
(head hung in shame)
not a good leader at all

my leaf and I think I will be making more
of these for my quilt
we will

my mixer

Jacky of course showed off with her gorgeous cake

and her other cute blocks

this farmgirl better get going
before the pitchfork comes out
for incentive!

have you done your blocks for June?
house, sheep and birthday cake

I will try to at least save face and make ONE
by the end of the month.........

Friday, June 23, 2017

ever arm wrestle with a cat?

have you ever arm wrestled with a cat?
Dunks makes taking pics for the blog

lil booger!

I also arm wrestle when it comes to my money

Jacky and I took a fun trip to the drugstore
I had prescriptions to pick up and some
things were on sale

we always have an adventure when we go
and my cousin works there so at least
it makes a pleasant trip
I put my card into the kiosk and out come
no lie a strip of coupons TALLER than me!
Ok I know I am short BUT STILL

so after going thru them and the flyer for the sales 
this is how my purchase went


OH..........just a few things.......

hey you gotta save where you can!  fabric trip money
has to be found SOMEWHERE

anyone wanna go shopping with me????

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Christmas gifts

a while back someone had a huge sale on panels
and some I got for under 5 bucks
so now I want to use them up
love this lighthouse one

so pulled some scraps and will make some
easy blocks to add to it
and make it larger

maybe some sailboat blocks?
we will see 

also found this beachy one
with fish

and pulled more to go with it

see ? how fun is that?

having fun in the stash.
isnt that why we buy it?

I kept the fishy one out and played some more
what if I made some slab blocks in sand and water colors?
and what if I used them for a border around the panel?

hmmm I LIKE it.........
so I continued......


I think Dunks likes it too!  or the fishies anyway LOL

I need to find more sandy colors and get the blocks a little 
I figure maybe 10 inch blocks   
will see once I measure the panel

I really like how it picks up the colors in the panel
and yet frames it too

no Dunks
you are NOT having tuna for lunch! LOL

Are you slabbing?
are you thinking of Christmas yet?
I have a long list again....... will I ever learn? ha ha

yeah lapquilts and reading pillows
and a few other things are on the to do list

(I KNOW Colette.....the DEER is on the list!
I wont tell you WHAT list though HA HA)

  what are YOU making?