Saturday, June 3, 2017

are you joining us in a slab exchange???

I wanted to do a little "tutorial" for 
slab quilting 
first you start out by picking your container of
scraps. Dunkin chose for me.....

then I cut some of the odd shapes into strips
whatever size I could get out of it
to make it easier to sew them up

then I just grabbed some that I would sew together
this was for the multicolor slabs I was doing
(I know I was lazy and didnt even iron.........the quilt police already fined me-
no need to reprimand LOL)
see how they are different sizes? 
no will trim them after you sew
that is the beauty of it
you just need a piece long enough

I sewed some little pieces to start
you can start anyway you want
I like to include teeny ones for fun
see in this picture how I chain piece them?
we could also do that with the blocks we
have to make for others
chain the next strips on all of them
then cut apart,iron if you wish and 
chose the next scraps and do the same
I get lots done this way
have made 11 before work so I KNOW
it is VERY easy to do for this exchange!

and you sew pieces onto a side
if my side is too short I piece a length
and sew that on
really easy
really forgiving
sometimes I start with a coin strip
sometimes a tiny patch block
it all works
make the piece larger than you need
and then trim them to size

then I iron them up
trim them to size (I use 8 inches)
and voila~

some fun blocks to play with out of scraps!

Are you gonna join us in a slab swap?

this is how it will work........
once I have the players and their chosen colors
(you choose what color slab you want
others to make for you)

I will send out emails to all with that info
along with emails or addresses

then we have three months to do up the blocks

so if say 6 people play (5 plus me)
then I would have to make
5 blocks to mail off
one to each of the other gals
in their chosen colors

then they too would make the same in 
everyones colors
we would all get squishy mail
when they mail us our block

we would in turn get 5 blocks mailed to us
and then add  your own

or see if someone wanted to make you another block
etc until you had enough for a quilt top
or runner or what have you

what do you say?
do you have scraps that are multiplying?
why not play with us and have some fun!
ARE YOU IN???  leave me a comment below

some ideas are:
single color blocks
multi color blocks (like blue and yellow)
theme blocks like Christmas
start with a white scrap that we
all sign for others blocks

what do you think?


Julierose said...

Super slab-a-thon idea, dawn....I love to work this way...hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

Count me in :)