Thursday, June 22, 2017

Christmas gifts

a while back someone had a huge sale on panels
and some I got for under 5 bucks
so now I want to use them up
love this lighthouse one

so pulled some scraps and will make some
easy blocks to add to it
and make it larger

maybe some sailboat blocks?
we will see 

also found this beachy one
with fish

and pulled more to go with it

see ? how fun is that?

having fun in the stash.
isnt that why we buy it?

I kept the fishy one out and played some more
what if I made some slab blocks in sand and water colors?
and what if I used them for a border around the panel?

hmmm I LIKE it.........
so I continued......


I think Dunks likes it too!  or the fishies anyway LOL

I need to find more sandy colors and get the blocks a little 
I figure maybe 10 inch blocks   
will see once I measure the panel

I really like how it picks up the colors in the panel
and yet frames it too

no Dunks
you are NOT having tuna for lunch! LOL

Are you slabbing?
are you thinking of Christmas yet?
I have a long list again....... will I ever learn? ha ha

yeah lapquilts and reading pillows
and a few other things are on the to do list

(I KNOW Colette.....the DEER is on the list!
I wont tell you WHAT list though HA HA)

  what are YOU making?

2 comments: said...

I was not going to say anything about the deer since I saw a deer in a slab the other day, I figured you would take care of that, and cut it up.....what deer, window quilt????

barbara woods said...

lots of pprojects