Monday, June 12, 2017

current squirrels

man if I finished all these UFO squirrels
I could give everyone in the country
a quilt for Christmas
this one needs 
sew the dresdans to the blocks

this one needs the rows sewn together and it
will be a flimsy........

this one needs more blocks
and some I need to find or draw out
for myself so it will be slow going
from now on...........

this one needs some thin background fabric
as a stabilizer to sew it onto the background

this one too.  maybe a trip to Joannes
for some thin muslin type material

 this one is needing cutting of the new pinks 
and purples I received

***update- some blocks were added
from 17 to 27****

this one was started just because

into the orphan block bin they went so they
dont tempt me any more LOL

this one will be part of my swap slabs
make me a color
any color except green............

and this new obsession........
love how this one is looking so far
it has browns and reds and blues in it
with a few yellows and purples
funny how they all blend isnt it?

I think I need to regroup and FOCUS.........

2 comments: said...

ROFL. Sooooo what happened to the deer quilt? Love all your different projects. :D

Julierose said...

W H O A gal, you sure do have a whole lotta projects on the go--you need to corral a couple and work on them...maybe...or like a squirrel just jump around from one to the other--fun, too. Hugs, Julierose