Saturday, June 24, 2017

farm girl update...........

this is where I still stand
with my farmgirl
in the same place as last month
I have not done one of the blocks
(head hung in shame)
not a good leader at all

my leaf and I think I will be making more
of these for my quilt
we will

my mixer

Jacky of course showed off with her gorgeous cake

and her other cute blocks

this farmgirl better get going
before the pitchfork comes out
for incentive!

have you done your blocks for June?
house, sheep and birthday cake

I will try to at least save face and make ONE
by the end of the month.........

3 comments: said...

Jacky is awesome! Love her blocks. My farmgirl is fallow right now.

barbara woods said...

mine lacks backing

Jeanna said...

Oh, I have only made one FGV block so far this month...and know you have me looking over my shoulder for the pitchfork...YIKES! Fingers crossed I get two more done soon.