Friday, June 9, 2017

little things

been finding some of these that need to be finished
I had made some of some previously cut blades
and need to find batt and back and get er done and in the
gift box 

see this how nice and neat?
not so much lately
the tv died
I had to go buy another one
and everything that was in this credenza
(it is our pantry)
is in my living room in boxes and bags
NOT pretty!
feel like when I first moved and cant find what I need

cant wait for the new tv to be up  on the wall and done

see the selvage one in back?
made a couple more of them
because I can......
a sweet friend named JulieRose
sent me some selvages
I am thinking I may want to make a table runner out of some.
ooooo or a sewing machine mat
how fun!

and still finding these
oh well,

if I can get things straightened around here
then maybe I can get back on schedule

in May this is what we dealt with.........

hubs car ac broke
hubs laptop died
my keyboard died
my car needed major work
tv died
lawnmower died

can you say KA-CHING???
yeah that was the money running
from this house........

little by little they are each getting fixed
and I am hoping I had my fill for a while!
I will never get my shed or bathroom at this rate LOL

4 comments: said...

Isn't it wonderful to find things to finish up that just need a little work? Hate it when things start breaking down, they all seem to go at once.

Julierose said...

Oh no--what a drag when everything goes all at once!!
Glad you found a way to use those selvages--I am starting another bag for you..;)))

I love it when I find 3/4 finished projects--somehow they feel easier to finish after they've "simmered" for a bit...hugs for a great weekend--without anything else breaking!! Julierose

Jeanna said...

Thank goodness May is over and I hope June is better for you.

Hope you enjoy working on something creative this weekend.

barbara woods said...

it all goes down at once but things are made like they used to be , They make them to tare up so you have to buy new all the time.