Thursday, June 1, 2017

more mindless sewing

because the fabrics were for my slab quilt
I decided to slab sew
and I thought hmmm  why not make each block
a color theme?

(my mind is my worse enemy sometimes)
so I dumped out a portion of my slab pile
and started pulling by color
and sewed
then ironed 
then trimmed to 8 inches
and here is what I have so far

eleven of the little boogers!

yep in greens
and red
and blue
and pinks (which I am lacking)

and even some browns
can you see how much green is in my stash?

so now the decision will be
am I making a green slab quilt?
mixing in the greens with what I have?
time will tell

I also got a brainstorm........

Here is the deal.......
if any of YOU want to make a slab quilt
let me know in the comments
maybe we can get enough interest
to make a slab block in the size and color
a person wants to increase our variety

so for example
lets say 6  wanna play

(like how I volunteered you? ha ha
from my management days heehee)

we all pick a color we want everyone to make for us

it could be a color you want to add to yours
or a color you dont have a lot of and want
or what have you

lets say Jacky picked  pink
then Dawn, Colette, etc would each make Jacky a pink slab block

lets say Dawn picked orange
everyone would make me an orange slab block

they work up real quick
you can even let the person cut them to size if you want
they would mail in a regular envelope probably for regular postage
and it would be fun
(who doesnt love squishy mail?)

anyone wanna play??????

what a fun way to get a quilt going with new fabrics

come on know you is a very forgiving 
method that doesnt require much thought or effort
heck if I can make 11 in an hour we can do this right?

and romper  bomper stomper boo
if I didnt mention your name you can still join the fun too!

some ideas........
make a theme quilt  (reds and greens for Christmas?
make a fast lap quilt for the gift box
use your slabs to make totes or zippy bags
surround each of your slabs with that white jelly roll
you bought and forgot why

rainbow by rows

all colors

we could start with a white block 
and sign our block with pigma pen too!

frame them in white
makes it pretty too.

so many cool ideas and you can have
a little of your friends stash in your quilt too

what do  ya say???
are you IN?????


Jeanna said...

I'll need instructions but would be interested if the others are...

You DO have good management skills!

Julierose said...

Oooh, a slab swap??? I am definitely in--I REALLY don't need another project, but I like this one a lot--no perfect 1/4" seams, no bulky seam crossings AND most of all NO TRIANGLES from you "square" (AH--hahaha) friend hugs, Julierose

barbara woods said...

i'm thinking said...

Cute blocks, but I cannot even do a string star. Want to know how many times I have taken apart today? And I am only partially done.