Monday, June 26, 2017


this is the bottom of my scrap food chain
the bits for slabbing
when I cut down my scraps
the little strings and strips
go in here along with odd
triangles and rectangles and squares etc
in hopes that they will become
something someday

this is my stash of extra pieces of binding
I am envisioning a scrappy quilt
with a scrappy binding
fun eh?
it is funny how those little pieces are enough
for little projects like mugrugs

heck I even ironed one back open and cut out
some tumblers!

and look Jacky!

I may need to come over to visit
your sewing room
(steal some trash fabrics)
er I mean bring you some dessert or something fun LOL

my purples and pinks

deciding how to put these together
for a fun quilt 
for my granddaughter

would you butt them up against each other
or separate them with sash of white
or black or gray or something?
I think I have about 34  35 blocks
they are around 9 inches and need to be trimmed
so will probably finish at around 8 in the quilt

running out of bobbins that are full
need to refill them I guess
and keep on sewing........
dont cha love my purty scissors? 


Julierose said...

I would place them right together--no sashing--I think they look so pretty that way...hugs, Julierose said...

I agree with Julierose. I never end up with that much extra binding. I may have 5 inches if I am lucky after everything is all said and done.

barbara woods said...

I like them butted together to