Friday, July 14, 2017

a cute little pincushion

I could not bear to throw out these little 4 inch pieces
of selvage
after all they had cute circles and writing on them
and they happened to be all in blues
so ............
I sewed them together........

and found a backing
and this is ready to stuff into a little pincushion
how cute is that?
and basically "free"

and this project was staring out at me
I need to pull some 
polish colored fabrics
so I can decide on a background fabric
and make some of these
they are a big block so I think
only 9 of them is needed to make
a nice size lap quilt

I found a light lavender with sparkles and stars on it
that looks like those glitter ones.
I dont have many reds so will revisit those colors

maybe some hot tangerine?  lime green?
or even dark blue?
I know my niece loves those colors in polish

2 comments: said...

Cute projects. Great idea with the pincushion.

Jeanna said...

Nice little projects today. The polish quilt will be cute.