Saturday, July 15, 2017

dd you get any greens today?

look at these pretties
yep I got them from Jackys stash
as we were talking and sorting
I stuffed them into my mouth
and ears to take them home
and then proceeded to make this

a little piece for one of those pouches 
to mix it up a little

and these guys?
she had two strips sewn and said to me
"this is a Dawn piece"
so that too came home and I paired it with more greens

I am thinking of adding more greens to make the strips
about 14-18 inches wide
then I will cut it in half
and find a green yardage to go with it
to make a tote bag
with the piano keys at the top
and the other fabric at the bottom and handles

cool huh?
you KNOW how I said I have GREENS right?
this will mix right in to make a nice bag

3 comments: said...

Do you wear your extra baggie clothes to go to Jacky's? More room to stuff scraps?

Jeanna said...

Sounds like a good plan for those strips.

Julierose said...

You must get yourself one of those long coats with a lining full of pockets for your stash enhancement hahaha...Lovely lovely greens from Jacky--she has a good eye...hugs, Julierose