Thursday, July 6, 2017


finished this little dishcloth in purple
my nieces fav color

started one in yellow

and found a new pattern online
just to change them up a bit

I guess for me it really is
Christmas in July! LOL

been trying to improve this garden area
it was overrun with weeds  :(
so I tipped my half barrel on its side
filled it with soil
and planted a few little plants that spread
hopefully they will sprawl
over that side of the garden

I also planted another rose bush where the 
rhody was
hopefully it will balance with the rose 
on the other side 
I dug up a lot of weeds 
and probably plants ha ha
but I will try and make this area 
a little more carefree for me
with perennials and little weeding once 
it fills in

this little sitting area has my tomatoes
and they are coming along great
getting taller than I am
(who said that is not tall??? speak up~)

so lots of busy work going on round here to try
and get things in order
it is hard to keep up with it all
while working 45 hour weeks and doing both
inside and outside tasks for the home
but enjoy my outdoor area so I wont complain
soon Jacky and I will sit in the screen room
and SEW
dont you wish you lived closer?
I DO.........we could have some sewing fun!


Julierose said...

Oh I surely do...sittin' and sippin' iced tea/coffee and sewin' sounds lovely...
I like your garden ideas...nice. Hugs, Julierose said...

No matter how much I weed, they still come back. My tomatoes aren't very tall but there are tomatoes on the vines. I probably need to feed them a wee bit.

barbara woods said...

wish we did sweetie could we all have such a good time

Jeanna said...

The garden beds are looking great. I can't wait to see how the plants grow from the tipped barrel.

Hope you and Jacky have a fun sewing day.