Friday, July 28, 2017


Jacky made this dresdan
isnt it pretty?

so soft in color

mine are like me

but I love them all
I dont think I ever met a dresdan I didnt like

did you?

here is one I started
eh hmmmm
Many moons ago........
in pinks and blues 
I like them with the dark background
and may need to finish them up into a quilt

and then I had some blue and gold ones
I think 6 of them for a lap quilt

and some floral ones
that  I love with the beige gingham

I really need to see how many of these I have
and make them into something
I am not sure I want to make
this into a quilt
and thats ok.......these are only 5 inches
so it would take a lot to make a quilt
maybe a cute quilted bag would be nice........
we will see

and I need to see if this book is still available or if it is out of print
want to get one
anyone know of any around?

thanks everyone for the feel better soon wishes.
I am sitting longer and longer each day so that
is a plus
I just got a bad bruise on the ole tail bone

leave it to would probably have been
funny if someone had filmed it
I broke the fall with my butt LOL

better than a broken bone I guess
but man the day after I stayed home
and in bed. laying down was so much easier
than sitting   owie

Dunkin was upset that it cut into our sewing time.
and HE LET ME KNOW lol


Julierose said...

Very pretty dresdans...I love them too...hugs, Julierose said...

Lovely Dresdens, glad you are feeling better. Man that Dunkin is a slave driver.....glad he doesn't have opposable thumbs he would be cracking that whip all the time.

Lynette said...

That's funny about Dunkin getting upset missing the sewing time. I need to make some Dresdens. I always want to when I see them, but I haven't done it yet.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better. Love your Dresdens! I see some beautiful fabrics in there!

barbara woods said...

glad your getting better, don't need a broken bone

Jeanna said...

You have a nice collection of pretty dresdens.