Sunday, July 23, 2017

farmgirl vintage update

this is Jeannas house.
love the red and turquoise!

Jeannas cherries   
be still my red bandana 
how fun!

her cute little sheep

and her pinwheels

Jacky was a little busy too.......

isnt she so "artsy pants"? 
when I went to get the pics she had
the farmgirl table all set up
(yeah she is trying to make me take
better pics-------I am a no frills kinda gal LOL)

anywho here is her cute flags.......
she is making lots of potholder sets of the blocks
and they are so darned cute

AND she EVEN tried to sneak in 
something I MADE as hers

love that girl!

Rheema caught up on hers too

how cute it this basket?


love her flag!



look at the truck in the star center!

I on the other hand..........

was a slacker

but I will try and catch up 
before the end of the month
we will have to choose
the block for August


Julierose said...

Such adorable stuff you've all made--
My slabs are resting still--I just cannot seem to get them to play together yet...
hugs, Julierose said...

Oh Jeanna's blocks are so cute, as are Jackie's.

Jeanna said...

Oh I just love Jacky's farm girl table...too cute! How do you like my crazy wonky windows? Ugh.