Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jacky and some farm adventures

Jacky was gifted the cow fabric from me
it was used long ago in some cute
baby bibs
and she mentioned she liked the cows

fast forward about a year
during one of my "five finger discount" days
at her house I acquired a bag of scraps
and these fussy cut cows and checks were in them

so I sat down and sewed them up

found a black and white back
and made a cute little topper

can you see the quilting any better? I just went quarter inch
around all points

cute cute cute

so I gifted it back to her...........
because Jacky would like it
and I like Jacky.........

besides after my beautiful gifts from 
my quilty friends lately
I felt I had to pay it forward

(got anything else cut up Jacky?)
I'll take it........just sayin...........

linking up with sewfreshquilts
look at her adorable giraffe quilts!

3 comments: said...

ROFL You stole fabric from Jackie, to make a kite table topper then gave it back. SMH I have no words. But I love ya anyway.

Jeanna said...

That is a fun topper!

Lynette said...

Hehe :D I would love it/laugh it up if someone did that from my stash