Saturday, July 1, 2017

July on the farm

this block is Jeannas

and will be the block for July

there are just a few of us left working on the farm
and I have been pushing with three blocks 
so decided to give everyone a chance to catch up

besides a lot of vacations and things
happen in the summer making 
goals hard to meet

flag block for July
and catch up with the rest
and then show us your blocks and I will post them

for those of you who participated
in the slab swap
and those who  WISH you did

Put aside your orange scraps
and find some pumpkin recipes
because we are gonna have
some more slab fun
in the fall.


Julierose said...

Love Jeanna's flag--so cute...hugs, Julierose

Lady Jane said...

Love the flag block!!! Have a great 4th. Hugs, LJ

barbara woods said...

best quilt book I ever bought was this book! said...

Cute block. I am working on catch up!

Jeanna said...

I have two of the three June blocks done and will share those real soon. Thanks for the break. I'm planning to take a few weeks off from sewing but will keep up my FGV blocks and blog reading / commenting, just not posting for a bit. Looking forward to some trips in the camper.