Friday, July 21, 2017

long story........but a lot done

dont criticize these pics
the pouches are NOT wonky
I have to hand stitch the binding down and the pins
are making it this way

On Monday hubs had to go to the 
day surgery for a procedure to see if
his lungs are the cause of his coughing up blood
yeah I know.......not a pretty visual

the process involved him being put under
and a camera down his throat to take a culture
from the lungs and to see if anything
there needs attention

so I was to wait in the waiting room and while I wait I keep
my hands busy

well first they call and ask if 7:30 am is ok
no problem.........actually maybe I could
go back to work right?

then said hospital would confirm time
well Fri by 3pm no call from them so hubs called 
to make sure we were all on the same page was rescheduled to noon!
ok fine. we asked what time to get there
the answer was noon

so I am puttering in my room getting as many of these
pouches quilted up and bound so I can handsew 
the binding on figuring I will get a bunch of things done
and in the gift box. we are waiting and I am sewing
we get ANOTHER call from them
this time a "where are you" call

HUH? YOU SAID NOON!  and it is only 11
they said no you were supposed to be here at 10:30
so we rush to get there
and I pack my bag for the waiting room with
what I had done so far

packed the projects
pincushion with the needle

but wait! is there any thread in the bag?
ha ha.........NOPE

so someone was with me and knew I 
would do something silly 
as the bottom of the bag had my knitting dishcloths
so I worked on a dishcloth instead

talk about a crazy day!

anywho, the bindings of these will get stitched
one by one in the am
during the week or weekend
and I will have more pouches and a mug rug done 
for my box

seems like the older I get the crazier things are


cant get good help these days at all!
I was nervous to say the least leaving him to 
have the procedure with all that mixup

but the dr came out half hour later and said
it all looked good
and he thinks it is not his lungs where the blood is 
but instead his nose so that is a good thing

we breathe a sigh of relief and use a 
nasal gel to minimize the problem and 
see what the next step will be

so judge me not for my wonky pics
but I wanted to show  you my projects in process
ps hubs thanks each and every one of you for his birthday 

you see he turned 66 and the day before had a dr apt
then on Monday had that procedure
then on Tues had a procedure on his hands
and thurs therapy on his hands
so this was NOT the greatest of
birthday weeks so to speak

thanks for helping to make his SUNDAY
more special

he LOVES hearing what  you girls have to say!
and NO Colette I DID NOT make a
porkrind cake! LOL


Julierose said...

What a time of it you've both had! Not much fun at all...
Your mug rugs will look lovely I am sure--mine always look wonky when pinned up
hopefully you can get some happy time this weekend...hugs, Julierose said...

Hey you find anything on Pinterest....Pork Rind Cake. Glad you got some things accomplished and at least his lungs look good. His hand is fixed and he is privileged to be another year older.

Jeanna said...

I'm so relieved to hear that your hubby got good news about his lungs.

You won't EVER catch me judging anyone...cuz I don't want to be judged. The pouches are going to be nice.

barbara woods said...

my mother-in-laws was a busted vein in her throat that coursed her to bleed. Glad his lungs are good , don't need any more problems!