Monday, July 17, 2017

making progress for the gift box

these just need a little tweaking and
into the gift box they go
3 pouches and a pincushion

this was more slab fun
I grabbed greens and lights and just had a fun time

this is the other piece same colors
I want to make a long piece about 18 wide by 40 long
then I will quilt up the piece
sew on handles
make gusset bottom and have a 
nice quilted tote

see the deer? yep
how fun would that be for my brother
to use as a tote for the grocery store? LOL

and these two have the bindings picked out and one has
the back quilted and ready
the other one has fabric
but needs to be quilted up

let me tell you ladies
these are SO fun to make
and I am using SCRAPS
of fabrics AND batting pieces
I dont know about  you but I sew those
pieces together to make the size I need
fun fun and stuff some would throw away

we threw nothing away on the farm
when Mom cooked fresh beets
we saved the water and made beet jelly
onion too

when the veggies were at the end of the
season in the garden, we made relish and

have you ever had watermelon rind pickles?
YUM and made from the rinds that you dont normally eat

nothing was wasted so it is in my blood to 
HOARD         be a pack rat
use it up, wear it out
make do or do without
one of these days I will take
some plastic bags, make 
plarn (yarn ) out of them
and knit or crochet them into a bag
for rainy days.
waterproof and sturdy

what are YOU making in YOUR stash?


Julierose said...

OOooh really good stuff there!! I took two opf my x-tra embroidered butterflies and mad them into a table runner with my 2.5" square neutrals...I think I can see many tabletoppers in this group (these butterflies all want to fly away...) hugs, Julierose

Jeanna said...

You have some really good ideas. Maybe you can share a tutorial on the plarn when you get around to that project?

barbara woods said...

great idea's