Wednesday, July 19, 2017

speaking of slabs..........

I received a package from a special blog reader

a famous blog reader
Lisa Boyer of Dorky Homemade quilts  fame

I know!
whoda thunk she would read lil o me's blog?

anywho, she sent me TWO slab blocks
one pineapple one
and the other one cute kitties
(she remembered the no green rule after- she packed the pineapple block
and figured she would send another)

take a closer look at how flippin cute these are!

see what I mean?
and I dont think I own a one of any
of these fabrics
how fun is that?

my quilt is gonna be so so purty with all my beautiful
friends blocks in it!

 that is not ALL my friends.........
she also sent me THIS HUGE slab piece

see envelope for size reference
I KNOW.........
I feel so blessed!  
I LOVE it.........and the colors are SO ME

I had a slab idea to make a piece
then cut it up to make it as
background for some solid churn dash blocks

I haven't figured out the details yet
as I have been filling up the gift box
but once I can play again.............
you WILL be seeing these beauties

so so much Lisa!
You are too generous..........

look at the notecard.
I am jealous!
Love this

and inside she states if I want to send
her a slab
to make it
from the ugliest fabrics I own

so I will make her a slab or two
(boy do I have some uglies!
you better be careful what you wish for hee hee)

would anyone like to join me in sending her a slab?
if so, message me and I will give you the address

Thanks Lisa! I cant wait to have some fun
with these!


Jeanna said...

That was very nice of Lisa. That huge slab was generous!

Lisa Boyer said...

Aw, Dawn, you are so sweet! Thanks for remembering me from my "twenty minutes of fame" days. I love your blog and the joy you put into your making. You brighten my mornings.

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Love your slabs! Lisa made you some beautiful gifts!