Tuesday, July 18, 2017

tagging my slabbing friends..........

remember these slabs? here are some blue ones

and cocoa chocolate ones

and Fall ones

and strawberry and lemon ones

are you playing with the slabs you received?
dont be afraid to cut them up like I did

I asked for 8 inch blocks
and cut them down to 6 inches
to make the 12 inch stars with mine

would love to see how you are putting yours together

are you making a table runner for you?
a small quilt?
adding to the blocks?

are you struggling with the color flow?
do like I did.......make SOMETHING
in each block consistent
to bring them together
who knew that these would go together so nicely?

this is what I started with and I had no idea how I would make
them play nicely
until a piece of a dark navy fabric fell while I was playing
with something else

take your stash
take a print that ties them together
make the colors uniform by adding one of the same to each block

how fun to add a white or gray and use your slabs to make
large HST?
or to frame each one as a picture type setting

use your imagination
play in your stash

and let us see what becomes of it.

are  you working on YOUR slabs?
would LOVE to see what you make of yours


Julierose said...

My slabs are resting (hahaha) they need an idea to wake them up...thinking thinking...(that's working, too, doncha think??)
I may applique on them? We'll see...they would make a great background I'm thinking
Hugs Julierose

Jeanna said...

My slabs are adorning the cutting table right now awaiting their turn on the project list. I'm hoping to get to them this weekend if I am in town... I really love what you did with yours. The stars are genius.

barbara woods said...

my one died