Thursday, July 27, 2017

the good the bad and the ugly

remember a while ago Lisa of  "that Dorky Homemade Look" fame
sent me some slabs?

well, she wanted slabs made from my ugliest fabric
I know! we all have those right?
the fabric that you say
"what was I thinking" or what was I DRINKING?
I have no idea how these "beauties" made it into my stash
but here they sit
because I cant think of what I can make with them

I mean really
what would you do with this?
It looks like a background of some canyon
or something and then goes into like another print

and this ugly brown stripey thing
looks like moldy hay    just sayin

and a gray and pink print

big flowers (may not be ugly to some
I am not a fan of huge floral prints)

and this clown type fabric
that is all I can think of is a clown outfit

this one is cute that I threw in 
to help the uglies along I guess
who who who's ugly? ME?
see those cute owls........crack me up

and this one is ok too........

but look through your stash~
got any uglies?

maybe we should have a contest
to see what we can make out of the uglies
and see if we can make something 
pretty and useful

just sayin........

as soon as I can sit for long spells
I will cut these up like
Edward Scissorhand
and see what I can come up with

who knows?  maybe an ugly slab quilt
is in its infancy

stay tuned.............

3 comments: said...

ROFL I have some truly ugly fabric, I won one time at a quilt show. Bright colors and clowns. Knowing you the one moldy hay one you were going to make a landscape quilt and.....nuff said. Your bum is still hurting? Is it all bruised up? How is your back feeling?

Jeanna said...

I just might have some ugly fabric...just might :)

Julierose said...

Sounds like your back is ugly?? Wha happened?? Hope you're ok??
I find that if I cut up the uglies into strips and/or small pieces for scrappy quilts they are not so ugly--like "Scrap Vortex" quilt or "Lego"...and they become my "relaxation" sewing...just humming along...hugs, Julierose