Sunday, July 16, 2017

today is hubs birthday

remember this cute piece?
I quilted it
and added a zipper like I would the others
I got an idea

dangerous! I KNOW!
Instead of quilting up a back and making the 
same type of pouch
I folded it in half and stitched it together
and then added a cute little starfish
zippy pull
I need to tweak it.
it is on with elastic thread
I need to replace it with a jump ring

but all in all I am happy with it
it is the size of a wallet
and so darned cute!

hubs liked it too

he says I am the bag lady and should sell them LOL

anywho if you see the hubster tdoay
it is his birthday!
wish him a happy birthday
it would make his day

6 comments: said...

Cute idea. Love the little starfish zip pull.

Julierose said...

Happiest of B-days Rich!!;)))
Cute zippy pull on that bag, Dawn...hugs, Julierose

sunny said...

Happy Birthday to bag lady's Hubs! Cute little bag. It looks easy enough for even me to try?

Rosemary Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday! So so cute!! Great idea!!

barbara woods said...

tell him happy birthday

Jeanna said...

Another cute bag. Hope your hubby had a happy birthday.