Thursday, August 10, 2017

another little finish

remember this guy?
yeah    scary..... LOL

I was playing around with it
because I didnt like the dark in there
I didnt like the stem
heck I didnt like the pumpkin shape!
so I made some little leaves to hide the ugly stem
and added a 4 patch to make a mugrug

Ok Mom........enough with the orange pumpkins!  
doesnt he look thrilled???? LOL
you think he wanted me off the computer?
naw.......I didnt think that either!

this was how I was SUPPOSED to put the stem on
when you sew before coffee.........
I put it on sideways
and I am not as happy with it
but I can live with it

I finished it up 
with some pumpkin quilting and mimicked that in 
the empty space just for fun
now  hubs and I both have Fall mugrugs to use

yep, hubs likes them as much as I do!
dont you like my purty Fall picture setup? LOL
those cats eyes........mesmerizing
arent they?   
I know
Jacky is rubbing off on me
I will have to have a whole room of props now
to take pictures ha ha

how are your orange slabs coming along?
are you making some Fall things with them?
I am thinking runners and potholders may be next

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4 comments: said...

Your funky pumpkin turned out very cute with the leaves I like your mug rug idea.

Jeanna said...

I think you pumpkin looks great and it turned into a nice mugrug.

Julierose said...

Love that pumpkin face--and I like the outline quilting of the pumpkin on your mug rug, too.
My orange "freak show" slabs are still hissing up on my wall ("Fix us, fix usssss!") but maybe this weekend--have to get my Venetzia done to make room...hugs Julierose

barbara woods said...

love it, like the boo expression