Tuesday, August 22, 2017

are you having some slabbing fun with us?

Are you having fun in your stash?
slabbing away with us?

dont know what "slabs" are?
well you just grab  your strips and parts
and sew two together chain piecing style
and then add another and another
until you have something like this

and because we used all orange
we planned a month of 
PUMPKIN slabbing
to make something fun for YOU
for the Fall

if you only want to do a little..........'
make a small pumpkin
into a mug rug

see how cute?

if you want to make something bigger
like  Jackie did........

a large mugrug

a small wall hanging.....

or a potholder wanna be............

OR you can plan like I did

Julie is making an adorable monsta mash quilt

and Babs is slabbing away as well
making pumpkins out of her orange stash

so wont you join us?
add in your own favorite pumpkin recipe
(dont forget to stock up on some pumpkin)

and use up that orange stash
you can add yellows that are on the orange side
too and I even added some browns to some of mine

just mindless slabbing away
to make something fun for the Fall

you have till end of Sept to make something
and then SHOW US



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

All you ladies had wonderful ideas for your slabs.

Jeanna said...

Everyone has some really nice orange slab projects going. The recipes have been a nice treat too!

barbara woods said...

need to quilt my table runner, love all the pumpkins