Friday, August 4, 2017

day four seeing orange....

peel an orange big and round
see if you can touch the ground
if you count to 22
an extra turn will come to you!

how many of you gals jumped rope and sang
this song back in the day?
ME! raising hand wildly
and believe it or not I was GOOD at it
I could do "pepsies" like nobodies business LOL

anyway........are you seeing orange yet?
hope  your slabbing session has yielded  you
some nice slabs to play with

Jacky made these
she is thinking of making some potholders
and maybe a runner too
arent they the cutest?
and two different ways to slab
one almost like crazy quilting
and one like log cabin style 

dont they both look fabulous?

of course she wants to up the ante
so to speak and get all 
purty for the picture

yeah she set out the farm produce
to make it look good
(me I am a" yeah- the block is on the
blue ugly ironing board -so what ! "kinda person. LOL)

but MORE ideas for you to make with your slabs..

and these projects are for YOU
out of scraps!
or free stuff you scrounged
yeah I know
I am proud of that........I like free........

so you can make some cute little
mugrugs for the Fall
potholders out of one cute pumpkin block with batting
and thinsulate
or a runner if you have made a few

what are YOU making with YOUR slabs?
can we see?

not really a pattern
just slab away and put triangles on the edges
to make the pumpkin shape
then add a brown or green stem and kinda center it and cut
off the excess
I know.....isnt this fun? 
have you guessed we have a theme 
around pumpkins???


Julierose said...

Nice work, Jacky!!;)))
I don't know as yet what mine will be--so far they are just a "Freakshow" lol
hugs, Julierose said...

Cute slabs Jacky. I think Jacky needs to blog if she is going to take such gorgeous pictures too.

barbara woods said...